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Tommys Gin is a 100% biologically pure  Gin produced  in the Fallstein Distillery in the heart of Germany.

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Our House

Fallstein Destillerie

Organic - Purer Zeitgeist

The craft scene is growing daily. And sustainable use of our resources and products is more than an alternative attitude to life - it is pure zeitgeist. In the Harz-Fallstein region, we have lived this spirit of the times for almost 200 years.

We practice organic farming and, based on this tradition, founded a distillery in which we produce nationally and internationally award-winning spirits.

The special quality from our own grain, which benefits from the unique soil quality of the Harz foothills, the fruit from our own meadows and the water from the resin sources are essential building blocks for our high-quality distillates.

The love for the product, the art of distilling and perfection give the final touch. 

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